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Wellcome to LILILEIAN homepage

My name is Tiina Rämö and I live with my Tibetan Spaniels in Vantaa, Finland. I breed in co-operation with the talented Niklas Kalske under prefix Lilileian. My first litter was born during Christmastime 2006. I have completed the Breeder's basic and the follow-up courses organized by Finnish Kennel Union and I am a member of the Tibetan Spaniel Association of Finland (Tiibetinspanielit ry).  I have also been recognized with the Vuolasvirta prize Finnish Kennel Club awards to the breeders with merit.

I have spent my whole life around dogs and other animals. From my childhood I remember us having among others a Dachshund, German shepherd, Drever, Beagle and some cross-bread dogs. My first very own dog was a New York retriever, a darling American Staffordshire / Labrador -mix from USA , called Emma. At first I was sure, that Emma was my soul mate, the once in a life dog. But as I gradually have learned to know my first Tibbie girls Lili and Leia better, I have come to realize that every dog can be my once in a life dog. There can always be found a space in ones heart to each dog, and each one of them will offer us something that is unique and special.  After Emma passed away, and when I once again got the feeling that I would be ready for another furry friend, I was already interested in Dog Shows. So I decided to get a small, easy maintenance, pure bred dog. Both one of my friends and my neighbours had Tibetan Spaniels and together these adorable dogs captured my heart. Every day when my neighbour's dog and I passed each other, he greeted me with great passion. And although my friend's dog had his share of people to choose from, every time he wanted to go for a walk, he tried to get me to join him. Therefore, I believe I can say, that I did not choose the Tibbie but that Tibbie chose me!

My goal is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful man's best friends!