Vapaana on kaksi poikaa! Lisätietoja Lilileiankennel@yahoo.com


We have mated Lilileian Laura Ashley with Chamiilon's That's Jazz Lilileian.  

The puppies were born June 27, 2022. Welcome to the world 4 boys and a girl:

Lilileian Feels Like Summer, Summer Rain, Indian Summer, Slice Of Summer and When I Met You In The Summer

If you are interested in having one of our puppies, please contact Lilileiankennel@yahoo.com

Lilileian Falling For A Dream "Emily" 6 months. Photo Sirpa Berk

Lilileian Falling For A Dream "Emily"

Lilileian Dream For Poppingcrofts *Olaf"

Lilileian Once Upon A Dream "Anna"

Lilileian Dreamy Reflections "Refe"

Lilileian Million Dreams "Simba"

Lilileian Rewrite The Stars "Juissi"

Lilileian Everything I Wanted "Phoebe"

Lilileian Brooklyn Delight For Cinodes