Our Tibetan Spaniels

In 2016 Lilileian won the second place in the Breeder of the year competition organized by the Finnish Kennel Club. Here was our beautiful team: Lilileian Honor Of All (from left), Lilileian Keeper For Life, Lilileian Happy Ever After, Lilileian Padmé Amidala, Lilileian Luke Skywalker, Lilileian Brand New Keeper, Lilileian Keeper Of Dreams and Lilileian Limited Edition (ages 2-9).

All our Tibetan Spaniels are stars, but here are some of our home bred SHOW STARS:

Lilileian Honor Of All "Elmeri"

dob 16.07.2012  C.I.B. Finnish, Norwegian, Baltic Show Champion, Finnish Winner -13 -14 and -18 and Helsinki Winner -17 and -19

Best In Show at Finnish Toy Dog Club Speciality 2018 and and Tuusula Nord Show 2019

Best Male and Best In Show Veteran at Tibetan Spaniel Speciality 2021

The most winning Tibetan Spaniel in Finland 2019



Lilileian Keeper Of Dreams "Hugge"

dob 22.06.2015   C.I.B Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian Show Champion, Helsinki Junior Winner - 16

Lilileian Padmé Amidala "Pipsa"

dob 31.07.2009 C.I.B. Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Croatian Show Champion World Veteran Winner -17 and -18, Split Winner -18, Benelux Veteran Winner -18 and European Veteran Winner -18 and Finnish Veteran Winner-18

Best In Show at Kankaanpää Group Show 2018

Lilileian Limited Edition "Wenla"

dob 22.6.2015 C.I.B Finnish, Baltic, Croatian and Baltic Junior Show Champion, Tallinn Junior Winner -16, Split Winner -19, Baltic Winner -19

Lilileian Beauty Has No Limit "Silwa"

dob 3.6.2018 C.I.B. Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian and Hungarian Champion,  Baltic Junior Champion, Lithuanian Junior Winner -19, Tallinn Junior Winner -19, European Junior Winner -19,  Split Junior Winner -19, Estonian Junior Winner -19, Baltic Junior Winner -19 and Budapest Grand Prix Winner 2021

The most winning Tibetan Spaniel puppy in Finland 2019

Lilileian Louis Vuitton "Louie"

dob 05.12.2016


Lilileian Laura Ashley "Laura"

dob 05.12.2016

Lilileian Flying High "Flyer"

dob 15.02.2017   Finnish Show Champion, World Junior Winner -18, European Junior Winner - 18 and Benelux Junior Winner -18

Best In Show at Tibet Dog Estonia 2018

Lilileian Keeper For Life "Murre"

dob 16.07.2012 C.I.B. Nord, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Baltic Show Champion, European Winner-15, Finnish Winner-15 and -16, Nordic Winner -16, Danish Winner -16, Split Winner -17 and Austrian Winner-19, Finnish Veteran Winner-21

Best In Show Tibetan Spaniel Speciality 2015

The most winning Tibetan Spaniel in Finland 2016

Lilileian Honey Bear "Zaxon"

dob 31.10.2013 Nordic, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Estonian Show Champion

Lilileian Happy Ever After "Muru"

dob 16.07.2012 C.I.B. Finnish, Estonian and Latvian Show Champion, Latvian Winner -15 and Tallinn Winner -16

Lilileian Brand New Keeper "Taika"

dob 22.6.2015 C.I.B. Finnish, Swedish, Croatian, Baltic Champion and Baltic Junior Show Champion, Tallin Junior Winner -16, Split Winner -19

Lilileian Primrose Everdeen "Elsa"

dob 30.3.2018

Finnish and Estonian Champion

Lilileian Viva La Vida "Keeta"

dob 19.2.2016


Lilileian A Winter's Tale "Cooper"

dob 21.11.2020

Best In Show puppy at Tibetan Spaniel Speciality 2021

Lilileian Viva La Diva 


dob 19.2.2016

2 x CC winner, BOG 2